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St.Petersburg Economic seminar (HSE, EU, PDMI)

Research Seminars 2019-2020

25/06/2020Peter A. Savelyev (The College of William & Mary and IZA Institute of Labor Economics) Understanding the Education Polygenic Score and its Interactions with SES in Determining Health in Young Adulthood Yulia Raskina
18/06/2020Vitaly Meursault (Carnegie Mellon University)The Language of Earnings Announcements EUSP
11/06/2020Anna Bogomolnaia (Glasgow University and HSE St.Petersburg)Fair Division of Objects with MoneyAlexander Nesterov
21/05/2020Guiseppe Arbia (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome) On spatial regression models estimated using crowdsourcing, web-scraping or other unconventionally collected Big DataVera Ivanova
14/05/2020Konstantin Kholodilin (DIW Berlin)Does rent control inhibit new construction? Some answers from long-run historical evidenceAlexander Nesterov
23/04/2020Alexander NesterovSealed-bid Auctions: Detecting Bid Leakage via Semi-supervised LearningAlexander Nesterov
12/03/2020Yulia KuchumovaTax Debt Collection Enforcement: When Does Suspension of a Driver's License Help?Alexander Nesterov
05/03/2020Alexander Skorobogatov (HSE SPB)The effect of alcohol sales restrictions on alcohol poisoning mortality: evidence from RussiaAlexander Nesterov
27/02/2020Aleksei Kondratev (HSE SPb)How to score athletes and candidatesAlexander Nesterov
20/02/2020Roman Popov (EUSP)Human Capital and Trade LiberalizationEUSP
13/02/2020Anastasia Antsygina (HSE Moscow)Settlements under Unequal Access to Justice: Why Do Policemen in Russia Settle as Often as CEOs?Yulia Raskina
06/02/2020Fedor Iskhakov (Australian National University)Effects of Taxes and Safety Net Pensions on life-cycle Labor Supply, Savings and Human Capital: the Case of Australia (with Mike Keane) Philip Ushchev
30/01/2020Rustam Hakimov (University of Lausanne)How to Avoid Black Markets for Appointments with Online Booking SystemsAlexander Nesterov
23/01/2020Mikhail Sokolov (EUSP)How to measure the average rate of change?EUSP
16/01/2020Aleksandra Lukina (University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy)Finding Poverty Traps: Theory (joint with Lawrence Blume and Steven Durlauf)Ekaterina Polyakova
26/12/2019Kirill Shakhnov (Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF))Limited Participation and Local Currency Sovereign DebtSergey Kokovin
19/12/2019Oleg Baranov (University of Colorado Boulder)Revealed Preference and Activity Rules in Dynamic AuctionsAlexander Nesterov
12/12/2019Rick Van der Ploeg (Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies, University of Oxford)Harnessing and Managing Natural Resource WindfallsYulia Vymyatnina
05/12/2019Roman Zakharenko (HSE Moscow)Traffic priority mechanismsVera Ivanova
28/11/2019Mark Levin (HSE Moscow)Club Goods, Manipulation and the Digital Economy (in Russian)Mikhail Pakhnin
21/11/2019Zuzana Fungacova (Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition (BOFIT))Political Cycles and Bank Lending in RussiaYulia Vymyatnina
14/11/2019Mikhail Panov (HSE SPb)Agreements in Continuous TimeAlexander Nesterov
07/11/2019Bohumil Stadnik (University of Economics in Prague)Where Is the Trouble of Black–Scholes? Andrey Kudryavtsev
31/10/2019Hubert Kempf (Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay, HSE Moscow, CES-Ifo)Monetary union as an international monetary systemYulia Raskina
24/10/2019Mikhail Pakhnin (European University at St Petersburg)On Hyperbolic Discounting and Observational EquivalenceYulia Raskina
17/10/2019Herve Moulin (HSE SPb GT Lab, University of Glasgow)Guarantees in Fair Division, under informational parsimonyAlexander Nesterov
10/10/2019Kirill Borissov (European University at St Petersburg)Economic Growth Models with Consumption ExternalitiesYulia Raskina
03/10/2019Philip Ushchev (HSE SPb)Social Norms in Networks (with Yves Zenou, Monash University)Alexander Nesterov
26/09/2019Kiminori Matsuyama (Northwestern University)Reconsidering the Market Size Effects in Innovation and Growth (joint with Mathieu Parenti and Helene Latzer)Philip Ushchev
19/09/2019Pavel Andreyanov (HSE Moscow)Detecting Auctioneer Corruption: Evidence from Russian Procurement AuctionsAlexander Nesterov
Marcelo Ariel Fernandez (Johns Hopkins University) Deferred Acceptance and Regret-Free Truthtelling: A Characterization ResultAlexander Nesterov
05/09/2019Constantine Sorokin (HSE SPb, University of Glasgow)A New Approach to Contests with Complete and Incomplete InformationArtem Baklanov


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