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Городской экономический семинар (ВШЭ, ЕУ, ПОМИ)

Семинары 2020-2021

ДатаДокладчикНазвание докладаПринимающий
17.06.2021Юкико Асаи (The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy)Temporary Work Contracts and Female Labor Market Outcomes Екатерина Полякова
20.05.2021Андреас Ирмен (Department of Economics and Management University of Luxembourg)Automation, growth, and factor shares in the era of population agingЮлия Вымятнина
29.04.2021Богумил Стадник (University of Economics in Prague)Convexity Arbitrage – the Idea Which Does Not WorkЕУСПб
15.04.2021Фёдор Сандомирский (ВШЭ, Technion)Feasible Joint Posterior BeliefsАлександр Нестеров
01.04.2021Александр Нестеров (ВШЭ)Measuring Manipulations In Matching Markets By Counting Manipulating AgentsНИУ ВШЭ  Санкт-Петербург
18.03.2021Борис Лифшиц (ЕУ)Стохастическое дисконтирование и энтропияЕУСПб
04.03.2021Светлана Макарова (UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies)Media, uncertainty and governments’ anti-pandemic policy in cross county perspectiveЕУСПб
18.02.2021Александр Нестеров (ВШЭ)Крабовый аукцион 2019: история, оценка и альтернативные сценарииНИУ ВШЭ — Санкт-Петербург
17.12.2020Andrei Kalk (University of Vienna)Why Do We Postpone Annuity Purchases? (joint work with Hippolyte d'Albis (PSE))Юлия Вымятнина
03.12.2020Loukas Balafoutas (Innsbruck University)Religion, economic behavior and life after deathНИУ ВШЭ — Санкт-Петербург
19.11.2020Gerhard Toews (РЭШ)Enemies of the peopleЮлия Вымятнина
05.11.2020Мария Артемова (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)A Multilevel Factor Model with Observation-Driven Factors (joint with Dr. F. Blasques and Prof. S.J. Koopman)Юлия Вымятнина
29.10.2020Павел Молчанов (Aix-Marseille School of Economics)Increasing Returns, Monopolistic Competition, and Optimal UnemploymentСергей Коковин
15.10.2020Евгений Владимиров (University of Amsterdam)Jump Contagion among Stock Market Indices: Evidence from Option Markets (joint with Peter Boswijk, Roger Laeven and Andrei Lalu)Юлия Вымятнина
01.10.2020Bas Dietzenbacher (Maastricht University)Fair and consistent prize allocation in competitions (joint with Aleksei Kondratev)Алексей Кондратьев
17.09.2020Константин Егоров (РЭШ)Optimal Policy under Dollar PricingЮлия Вымятнина

Семинары 2019-2020

ДатаДокладчикНазвание докладаПринимающий
25.06.2020Петр Савельев (The College of William & Mary and IZA Institute of Labor Economics)Understanding the Education Polygenic Score and its Interactions with SES in Determining Health in Young AdulthoodЮлия Раскина
18.06.2020Виталий Мерсо (Carnegie Mellon University)The Language of Earnings AnnouncementsЕУ СПб
11.06.2020Анна Богомольная (Glasgow University, HSE St.Petersburg)Fair Division of Objects with MoneyАлександр Нестеров
21.05.2020Джузеппе Арбиа (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome)On spatial regression models estimated using crowdsourcing, web-scraping or other unconventionally collected Big DataВера Иванова
14.05.2020Константин Холодилин (DIW Berlin)Does rent control inhibit new construction? Some answers from long-run historical evidenceАлександр Нестеров
23.04.2020Александр Нестеров (НИУ ВШЭ СПб)Sealed-bid Auctions: Detecting Bid Leakage via Semi-supervised LearningАлександр Нестеров
12.03.2020Юлия Кучумова (НИУ ВШЭ СПб)Tax Debt Collection Enforcement: When Does Suspension of a Driver's License Help?Александр Нестеров
05.03.2020Александр Скоробогатов (НИУ ВШЭ СПб)The effect of alcohol sales restrictions on alcohol poisoning mortality: evidence from RussiaАлександр Нестеров
27.02.2020Алексей Кондратьев (НИУ ВШЭ СПб)How to score athletes and candidatesАлександр Нестеров
20.02.2020Роман Попов (ЕУ СПб)Human Capital and Trade LiberalizationЕУ СПб
13.02.2020Анастасия Анцыгина (НИУ ВШЭ Москва)Settlements under Unequal Access to Justice: Why Do Policemen in Russia Settle as Often as CEOs?Юлия Раскина
06.02.2020Федор Исхаков (Australian National University)Effects of Taxes and Safety Net Pensions on life-cycle Labor Supply, Savings and Human Capital: the Case of Australia (with Mike Keane) Филипп Ущев
30.01.2020Рустам Хакимов (University of Lausanne)How to Avoid Black Markets for Appointments with Online Booking SystemsАлександр Нестеров
23.01.2020Михаил Соколов (ЕУ СПб)How to measure the average rate of change?ЕУ СПб
16.01.2020Анастасия Лукина (University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy)Finding Poverty Traps: Theory (joint with Lawrence Blume and Steven Durlauf)Екатерина Полякова
26.12.2019Кирилл Шахнов (Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF))Limited Participation and Local Currency Sovereign DebtСергей Коковин
19.12.2019Олег Баранов ( University of Colorado Boulder)Revealed Preference and Activity Rules in Dynamic AuctionsАлександр Нестеров
12.12.2019Рик Ван дер Плоег (Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies, University of Oxford)Harnessing and Managing Natural Resource WindfallsЮлия Вымятнина
05.12.2019Роман Захаренко ( НИУ ВШЭ Москва)Traffic priority mechanismsВера Иванова
28.11.2019Марк Левин (НИУ ВШЭ Москва)
«Клубные блага», манипулирование и цифровая экономика (на рус. языке)Михаил Пахнин
21.11.2019Зузана Фунгасова (Институт переходной экономики Банка Финляндии)Political Cycles and Bank Lending in RussiaЮлия Вымятнина
14.11.2019Михаил Панов (НИУ ВШЭ СПб)Agreements in Continuous TimeАлександр Нестеров
07.11.2019Бохумил Стадник (University of Economics in Prague)Where Is the Trouble of Black–Scholes?Андрей Кудрявцев
31.10.2019Убер Кемпф (Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay, НИУ ВШЭ Москва, CES-Ifo)Monetary union as an international monetary systemЮлия Раскина
24.10.2019Михаил Пахнин (ЕУ СПб)On Hyperbolic Discounting and Observational EquivalenceЮлия Раскина
17.10.2019Эрве Мулен (НИУ ВШЭ МЛ теории игр, Университет Глазго)Guarantees in Fair Division: beyond Divide and Choose and Moving KnivesАлександр Нестеров
10.10.2019Кирилл Борисов (ЕУ СПб)Economic Growth Models with Consumption ExternalitiesЮлия Раскина
03.10.2019Филипп Ущев (НИУ ВШЭ)Social Norms in Networks (with Yves Zenou, Monash University)Артем Бакланов
26.09.2019Киминори Мацуяма (Северо-Западный университет)Reconsidering the Market Size Effects in Innovation and Growth (joint with Mathieu Parenti and Helene Latzer)Филипп Ущев
19.09.2019Павел Андреянов (НИУ ВШЭ Москва)Detecting Auctioneer Corruption: Evidence from Russian Procurement Auctions (joint with Alec Davidson and Vasily Korovkin)Александр Нестеров
12.09.2019Марчело Ариэль Фернандес (Университет Джона Хопкинса)Deferred Acceptance and Regret-Free Truthtelling: A Characterization Result Александр Нестеров
05.09.2019Константин Сорокин (Университет Глазго, НИУ ВШЭ СПб) 
A New Approach to Contests with Complete and Incomplete InformationАртем Бакланов
We investigate the education polygenic score (PGS), an index based on genetic data that predicts years of formal education. Based on the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health, we find that an education PGS has a beneficial effect on multiple health-related outcomes in young adulthood both indirectly though education and directly. In addition, we find that socioeconomic status (SES) moderates the relationship between the PGS and health outcomes so that individuals with particularly low SES typically do not experience health benefits from the education PGS. We decompose the effect of the PGS with respect to education, early health, and cognitive and noncognitive skills and find that the beneficial effects of PGS work through formal education, early health, and early skills, among other channels. Finally, after controlling for education PGS and unobserved heterogeneity on top of more traditional controls, we still find that education is associated with better health outcomes, which adds evidence to the debate about the causal link between education and health.


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